The Czech Republic’s most modern laundry service celebrates 25 years

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Laundry Vlašim

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This year, the Vlašim company Prádelna Kyselý, a.s. will celebrate 25 years since its establishment. The company has fundamentally modernised its operations by building a new hall, which has been equipped with advanced technology. Prádelna Kyselý has thus become the most modern laundry service in the Czech Republic and also ranks among the largest employers in the region.

Among other things, the Central Bohemian town of Vlašim can boast a major enterprise which has made a good name for it not only across the Czech Republic but also abroad. It is home to the most modern laundry facility in the Czech Republic, Prádelna Kyselý, a.s., a company which, thanks to its innovative technology, production capacity and high-quality services, ranks among the leaders on the domestic laundry market. And the company promotes its good name abroad too, specifically in Vienna, Austria, where it also provides its services.

Last year, the laundry put into operation a new, fully automated hall. The hall is equipped with the most modern technology available and is dominated by an eighteen-chamber washing tunnel.

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