Wet cleaning

Professional wet cleaning is not just regular washing laundry in water, as in regular washing machines. This is a special washing procedure, which is extraordinarily effective yet gentle and which does not have the drawbacks of dry cleaning. The procedure is much more environmentally friendly than classic dry cleaning.

The process removes water-soluble dirt much more effectively than classic dry cleaning. For the best results and to protect textiles as much as possible, we only use products from BurnusHychem, the premium German manufacturer.

Textiles that are cleaned using wet cleaning look fresh, with brighter colours. They are also more hygienic than textiles from dry cleaners. Special washing programmes and washing machines are used in the process, cleaning textiles in a much gentler manner, with less mechanical force.

Which textiles are suited for wet cleaning?

Mokré čištění oděvů

All textiles labelled with the symbol for wet cleaning – (W) Wet-Clean can be cleaned using this method.

Of course, it can also be used for all textiles which can be washed in a regular washing machine. If these textiles are heavily stained, they require a special pre-washing treatment, which is carried out by wet cleaning.

Often even fabrics which cannot be washed in a regular washing machine, such as down comforters, mattress covers, suits etc. can be wet cleaned.