Mat Rental

Why Use a Door Mat?

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Nobody likes dirt indoors. Dirt, sand and moisture are carried inside on the soles of customers’, visitors’ and guests’ shoes. A good mat will catch all that dirt and keep it from getting inside.

Preventing dirt from getting indoors will save you time and money in cleaning. Meanwhile it will also help protect your floors from unnecessary wear. Attractive door mats also lend an air of elegance to your entryway. A high quality mat, in the right colours and with the company logo will improve the appearance of the entrance to public buildings, businesses and shops.

Cleaning Costs

Pronájem rohoží a čistících zón

Cleaning costs are lower when dirt is prevented from entering the building. Our mats are made of 100% nylon-polyamide colour fibres and can absorb up to 4 kg of dirt and moisture per square meter. Dirt damages both rugs and floors, dramatically shortening their useful life. By reducing dirt and wear in your building, you will also reduce costs for cleaning and repairs.

The Problem with Dirt

  • Up to 80% of all dirt is brought into buildings on the feet of visitors
  • More time and money needed for cleaning
  • Moisture can make floors slippery
  • Leads to higher cleaning costs
  • Wears down floors and reduces their durability

The Benefits of Mats

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  • Mats capture most dirt and moisture, which are otherwise brought inside
  • Mats prevent up to 80% of dirt being brought inside, saving time and money in cleaning
  • Our mats are able to absorb up to 4 kg of dirt and moisture per square meter
  • The floor is protected right at the entrance
  • The durability of your floors is improvedt
  • Improved safety, there is no threat of slipping, no static electricity from the mat
  • We replace dirty mats with clean ones according to your specific needs (we offer pick up at intervals of once a week to once a month) and professionally clean the dirty ones
  • Mats can be designed with customer logos

Available Colours

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What Makes a Good Mat

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The mat captures dirt and moisture
A mat removes dirt and moisture from the shoes of customers and visitors.

The mat is large enough
If a mat is too short, people can step over it and it will not do its job. A mat of sufficient size, which has to be stepped on a few times, is the most effective.

Selecting a good mat
A high quality mat captures dirt and moisture and wicks it away from the surface. With a normal mat, dirt remains on the surface and the next person entering the building then carries it inside. A high-quality mat proves its worth in bad weather. A low quality mat will look wet right away and will quickly become soaked with water. A high quality mat looks good all day, regardless of the weather.

Easy maintenance
Mats capture dirt and for that reason also need to be cleaned. Dirt can be removed quickly and easily from a high quality mat.