For Industry

Do you need to improve your company’s visibility and image or provide special protective workwear and aids for your employees?

We offer a wide selection of rental workwear, which you can either have custom-made according to your specifications or choose from our catalogue. We will come to you, discuss your needs, offer advice and take measurements. We will then have clothing made for your employees, with details customised depending on the type of work and company identity.

If you wish, we will also embroider a logo onto the clothing.

One of the latest trends on the global market is the rental of linen.

Benefits for You

Pronájem oděvů pro průmysl

  • You will save money on investing in linen, we will cover the purchase price for you
  • You will have zero one-off costs for linen purchases
  • You will not have any of the worries of storing and creating inventories of workwear
  • You will not need staff to take care of the linen
  • You will have constant control of the number of garments in circulation
  • You will have an overview of how often employees change their clothes, thanks to barcode labelling
  • We will make sure that the clothes are always in perfect condition, will repair or replace worn or damaged items
  • We will exchange used garments for clean garments at the agreed times

Contact our professional sales team, we will be happy to advise you and recommend the most appropriate linen for your facilities.