High quality and good hygiene in the textile care process are important to us. We hold the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, for quality management and environmental protection. We were the first laundry facility in Central and Eastern Europe to be awarded the RABC EN 14065 certificate, for having a managed biocontamination control system during the entire process – from the retrieval of soiled linen, through the washing, ironing, transportation, storage and handling of clean linen.

We regularly review our control and communication systems as well as our laundry equipment to ensure that in all areas we are up to date with the latest improvements.

Maintenance of textiles is guaranteed through the use of gentle washing programmes and environmentally friendly washing products. We use the following standardized methods to verify that our technological processes are effective:

  • the use of bioindicators to check that thermal disinfection and combined (chemical and thermal) disinfection work effectively
  • regular microbiological controls in all the phases of the technological process of laundering and distribution
  • washing a control swatch to determine how gentle a wash cycle is for the linen washed


Test Reports

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The environment

We devote special attention to the environment. We always use efficientand environmentally friendly chemicals and procedures in treating textiles. We care about the environment, and that’s why we pay attention to saving energy and releasing clean waste water. We always adhere to the strictest environmental standards.